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Swatch Kit (Preorder) / Yardage


Swatch Kit (Preorder) / Yardage

Now taking preorders for our swatch kit, which includes some basics and some new fabrics in development. Ships by or before October 1st. 

Fabrics by the yard for A Healthy Wardrobe™.

We custom cut your length to order. For example: when you order 3 one yard increments; we custom cut 3 continuous yards, and send to you, with love from San Francisco California

100%, grown and milled in the USA, ring-spun acala California Cleaner Cotton ™ Jersey, Rib, and French Terry - We add no toxins or petrochemicals, just a little wax and wash if off with hot water and soda ash.

Our jerseys are rinsed in a light vegetable enzyme bath for extra softness and our bio whites are brightened with about 3% hydrogen peroxide (no optic brighteners or petroleum based softeners).

Acala is a long staple pima-like cotton breed that has exceptional sheen, strength and length.